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Governance 101: Collegial Governance at the UofA

Session is open to UofA Staff - Academic & Support staff welcome.

Workshop Description:

Governance 101 has been designed to help you understand how decisions are made at the University of Alberta.  What is governance?  Who¿s who? Who does what?  How does it happen? How can I participate in decision-making? 

The session offers information on the nature and principles of governance, the important elements of the Post-Secondary Learning Act, the three branches of governance (legislative, executive and judicial), the powers of the Board of Governors and General Faculties Council, and an overview about the history of the University of Alberta. Participants will receive a helpful reference information, useful website addresses and contact information for University Governance Staff. 

Governance 101 will be hosted by Marion Haggarty-France, University Secretary, and the team in University Governance.  The session will provide an integrated picture of how things are decided at the University of Alberta.   Bring your questions! ----

Cost: Free
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Instructor: Marion Haggarty-France, University Secretary
Date: 2014-2-12
Start Time: 12:0 (12:0 PM)
End Time: 13:0 (1:0 PM)
Location: Room 3-07 South Academic Building (SAB)
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